ZC-TRIP001 - Various Artists - 808 In The Sand

18 January 2019 ,

OUT NOW! 10" Limited Coloured

 Title: 808 In The Sand

Catalognr: ZC-TRIP001LTD

Format: 10”, Coloured & Black
Released: 18-01-2019
Style: Acid, Techno



A1: Vikkei (IT) - 808 In The Sand
B1: Yakh (FR) – Expression Army


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Zodiak Commune Records presents the first TRIP release. This is a new serie pressed on 10 inch containing long, deep and storytelling acid tracks one on each side.

On the A-side u can find the young common player Vikkei. His alternative downtempo style got us attention immediately. The B-side is dedicated to Yakh, known from his debut release ZC013 “The Earwig EP” from the Insectum serie.



Vikkei – 808 In The Sand

It is in this moment when you are desperate in need of water in the desert.

Frustration is building up, the sun is getting hotter and hotter,

Crawling with your 808 in the sand.


Yakh – Expression Army

Completely lost in a world that doesn’t exist anymore.

Once you are aware of that, the only thing you can do is adept.


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