Zodiak Commune Records ZC014LP - The Butterfly Effect LP by 1NC1N

1 June 2018 ,

First 2x12" OUT NOW!!!

Label: Zodiak Commune Records

Titlle: The Butterfly Effect LP
Catalognr: ZC014LP
Released: 1 juni 2018
Style: Acid, Techno, Electro



A1: Digisynaptic Resonance
A2: Voice Of Reason
B1: Nocturnal Humanoid
B2: The Lost & The Missing (live)

C1: Walking Taiko
C2: The Ghost Of Holeenhyrst
D1: Whispering Transmission
D2: Samsara


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Zodiak Commune Records proudly presents its very first double LP made by label resident 1NC1N. High quality techno, acid and electro.

Are you ready for the The Butterfly Effect? Enjoy this limited release in the insectum serie!



A1. Digisynaptic Resonance

In this new age, technology is resonating on a digisynaptic level.

This track will surprise you…


A2. Voice Of Reason

Everyone has a voice of his own…for a reason.

Let your higher self speak!


B1. Nocturnal Humanoid

Not learning by experience.

Feeding by data is revolution.


B2. The Lost & The Missing (live)

Go back to the beginning of the Acid scene.

Relive the evolution.


C1. Walking Taiko

Listen to the rythmic art of Taiko.

Close your eyes…walk across Japan with all its beauty and hectics.


C2. The Ghost Of Holeenhyrst

Imagine a dark forest with a lost village.

You will be surrounded by this one person who supposed to be left…but did not.


D1. Whispering Transmission

Do not overuse a radio.

Sometimes it’s better to communicate through whispering.


D2. Samsara

Embrace the infinity.

Ending it means start something new.


More info about Zodiak Commune Records. Please email: zodiak@zodiakcommune.com