Zodiak Commune @ Solar Weekend 2014

11 June 2014 ,

The creative festival Solar Weekend celebrates this year its tenth anniversary with again a diverse program. Techno, House, Jazz, Acid, Hip Hop and other styles will be rubbing together.

The four-day festival at the Maasplassen near Roermond will take place from July 31 to August 3 and is themed 'sprook', the adult, sturdy form of the Dutch fairy tale.

In the ten years that Solar Weekend exists, it has grown from a pioneering initiative to one of the most creative festivals. The diversity is reflected in the programming, which spreads extremely wide across eight stages: steaming House, deep Techno, energetic Hiphop, classical music and Jazz. This all in an enchanting scenery, built by many artists. Through the years, Solar Weekend has become a real springboard for the creative industries. From waste robots to 'wild crochets', from spring riders via exciting theatre to love doctors and home-built pirate ships; it makes Solar Weekend eminently a place for creative people to grow. And for the visitor Solar is the place to be surprised by exploring new adventures in a long, magical festival. 

This year the Eindhoven Acid / Techno organization Zodiak Commune is present at Camp Green. The link to a festival like Solar Weekend of course does not come out of nowhere. This year the organization itself after all is already 21 years divers in programming and creative with decor, lighting and visuals; After a party of Zodiak Commune you often go back home with a backpack full of inspiration. And tired legs of course, because standing still is not an option at Zodiak Commune. The DJs Zodiak Commune are real all-rounders, but each with their own style and influences ranging from Minimal and Electro to Drum 'n Bass and Schranz and from Acid and Techno to Tekno and Acidtechno. In any case these men will make it an oldstyle fun party at the camp site. 

Spread over three days this is the refreshing line-up of the Zodiak Commune camping area:

ElVato (NL)
Hellboy (NL)
Lex Soulmoves (NL)
Chandima (Flatlife Dark)
ElChi (Sublam!)
Rick Roblinski (NL)
Twanz (Potgrond)
Jack Wax (Flatlife Records)
Strobewaffle (NL)
E.D.G.E. (Dommelvallei/Zodiak Commune)
LIVE: BIAM (Zodiak Commune Records)
Lamot (Zodiak Commune)
Saint (Zodiak Commune)
Bor (Zodiak Commune)
D=p+cer (Zodiak Commune)
Rick Angel (Zodiak Commune)
Delucxed (Zodiak Commune)
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