Acid Orange; finally 3 stages again during Kingsday

18 March 2014 ,

Last year the annual orange parade of Zodiak Commune moved already to a new location at Strijp-S, a second stage was added and the festival got a new name; Acid Orange.

This year Acid Orange lets the glory days of the Lichtplein revive by having a third stage resurrecting in the former 'Forbidden City'. With Zodiak Commune, Zinloos Geluid and Global Aura the proven combination of Acid, Tekno and Goa will be banging from the speakers during Acid Orange.

Strijp-S develops in recent years as 'the place to be’ during Kingsday in Eindhoven. Just a stone’s throw away from the massiveness of the city center, a big festival terrain unfolds here on April 26th again, offering a variety of music to satisfy everyone. The open nature of the various stages between the industrial heritage of Eindhoven, offers visitors the chance to stroll among all the beauty that Eindhoven has to offer musically. And that covers the full spectrum from the screaming guitars of Klok Rock Orange and the 80s, 90s and 00s of ‘t Mulderke to the unpolished electronic dance pearls from the Eindhoven underground; PACT by Dommelvallei and Acid Orange by Zodiak Commune. Where PACT brings tasty and raw Techno, House, Dubstep, Drum ‘n Bass and more to hearing on three stages at the railway side, Acid Orange stands brotherly on the other side of the striking red chimney with three pounding underground stages, eleven steaming hours long.
Besides the Zodiak Commune DJs also this year a number of new names make their debut on the Acid, Acidtechno & Techno stage. The main stage is opening with strong emerging names like Frisbeat and Saam!, in order to also welcome our local diva Leelee with open arms later for an energetic Techno set. But the real headliners at the Zodiak Commune stage are surely the Acid Steve from England - known for his Avinit label and releases on Stay Up Forever and 909 London - and none other than the Belgian legend Franky Jones - still known from amongst others Bonzai Records and the all time classic The First Rebirth. Both guarantee a party that turns a smiley from ear to ear on the faces of even the most seasoned underground fanatics.
The Tekno, Drumtek & Drum 'n Bass stage will again be hosted by Zinloos Geluid with their impressive wall of roaring speakers this year. The speaker freakers of Zinloos Geluid know exactly how to throw a party at the most unexpected places over and over again, what they therefore have been doing at every possible opportunity in recent years. Acid Orange is again another good excuse for a big party that is full of free party-like scenes, psychedelic sounds, apocalyptic breaks and beats that live up to the industrial history of the location. And a party, that it will surely be with guest DJs like Sevenum Six and Ragga303 from Belgium, awesome live acts such as the much promising new talent Hazett vs. Wez- life center and of course Tekno god Rinse .
The third stage is back with a vengeance and will be hosted by Global Aura this edition. This means finally Goa, Psytrance and Full On at Kingsday again. Global Aura has become an established name in the Goa scene in less than four years, with parties from high in Friesland till deep into Belgium. They not only score with their decor existing of fluorescent paintings and 3D string art, but also with big acts from all over the world that they know to book time after time. And they don’t move away from that principle during Acid Orange. With names like Anoebis, Sebedelica, Strophoria, Norion and Agneton they bring a large part of the Belgian Psytrance DJ summit of the past decade across the border. And you bet they know how to glue the colorful Goa audience to the speakers
Below the full program at a glance:
Franky Jones (Acid Attack/Bonzai, BE)
Acid Steve (Avinit Records, UK)
LIVE: Saam! (Kompleks Recordings) 
Frisbeat (D.U.B.E. Collabs) 
Leelee (Dimensional)
Lamot (Zodiak Commune)
Rick Angel (Zodiak Commune)
Saint (Zodiak Commune)
D=p+cer (Zodiak Commune)
LIVE: Rinse (AA) 
LIVE: Sevenum Six (Exit23, BE) 
Ragga303 (MDMAcid, BE) 
LIVE: Hazett vs. Wez-Life (NL) 
LIVE: BIAM (Zodiak Commune Records) 
Low5 (Zinloos Geluid) 
Kneppah (Zinloos Geluid) 
Bor (Zodiak Commune) 
Delucxed (Zodiak Commune)
Anoebis (Suntrip Records, BE)
Sebidelica vs. Strophoria (Unio Mystica, BE)
Norion (Dacru Records, BE) 
LIVE: Agneton (Sita Records, BE) 
Qualitas Occulta (Boombats)
Caretta (Psysaus Productions) 
Okape (Global Aura) 
Trancient (Global Aura) 
Celvin (Global Aura, BE)
Jape Du Marie (Global Aura) 
Mislukt (Global Aura)
OPENING HOURS: 12:00 – 23:00u
LOCATION: Strijp-S, Eindhoven
At this free festival bringing your own drinks (glass, cans en plastic bottles) is not allowed! King-S provides for a small fee wristbands as a program contribution and for the obligated alcohol age check.
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