Kierewiet invites SP23, Zodiak Commune & Zinloos Geluid

17 February 2014 ,

After the successful party of Kierewiet and Club Waanzin late 2013 in Factory 010 in Rotterdam, a sequel was almost inevitable.

For the second edition, Kierewiet therefore immediately rented the entire floor and invited organizations which have been wandering noisy around the underground since the early 90s; SP23 and Zodiak Commune (in collaboration Zinloos Geluid).

The Maassilo remains one of the most impressive industrial venues in the Netherlands with its impressive size, the gray concrete floors and bars and many heavy metal doors and structures. From the entrance at the river Maas wharf (Maaskade) you will taken to a height of 40 meters within seconds where the three areas of Factory 010 are located. Each of these areas already emits by nature the intense, dark underground spirit that makes the heart of the real Acid freaks and Tekno zombies beat faster. Therefore it is the perfect location for Kierewiet, SP23 and Zodiak Commune (in collaboration with Zinloos Geluid) to rule with crackling strobes, raging smoke machines , and a wall of roaring speakers over a night full of improvisation, psychedelic sounds, apocalyptic breaks and beats that sound like hardened ball bearings, rattling through a tube of reinforced concrete.
Kierewiet already exists for more than 10 years now and in that time it has grown from a small group of enthusiasts with a warm heart for sound equipment and edged music to... actually exactly the same. The wall of sound has meanwhile grown into one of the most brutal ones of Europe. But after numerous free parties, various editions of Teknival and parties in Waalhalla in Nijmegen, Willemeen in Arnhem and Bazart in The Hague, the attitude remains the same;  the visitors having a great evening on the best edged sounds from the underground for little money remains most important. And that is definitely what you can expect on April 19th in Factory 010; freeform Tekno with a raw urban edge in a backdrop of chaos, underground art and titillating visuals
LIVE: Format C: (Monotonsystem, DE) 
LIVE: The Dildos (IT)
Brian (KX)
Johnny Crash (Z-Bomb)
Kierewiet System DJs (KWS)
Visuals: VJ Stef, TXS and Dirty Soap Visuals
SP23 is a creative collective of musicians, DJs and artists performing live electronic dance music. The origins of the collaboration goes back 20 years, when the crew staged unlicensed dance events with Spiral Tribe from the confines of London into the wilds of the British countryside. Hunted down by the authorities, Spiral Tribe escaped into mainland Europe, where their convoy of military trucks continued to drum up a huge underground following, culminating in the founding of the world-wideTeknival movement. In those days, SP23 was one of the early pioneers of live electronic dance music. In 2012, eight of the original Spiral Tribe members have reconnected and formed the SP23 collective of today, touring Europe and beyond.  
LIVE: Crystal Distortion (SP23/Labrat Audio, UK)
LIVE: 69db (SP23/Espressillon, FR)
LIVE: Ixindamix (SP23/Audiotrix, FR)
LIVE: Jeff23 (SP23/Espressillon, FR)
LIVE: Meltdown Mickey (SP23/Audiotrix, FR)
Spindokter Ries (Mononom)
Visuals: Feenix 13 & Stray Wayward
Zodiak Commune has already been raging around the underground for 20 years and counting. Many seasoned Acid Freaks and Techno Heads therefore hold Zodiak Commune responsible for the second wave of Acid, Techno and Electro-parties with legendary underground parties like Acid Rain, Acid Virus, Liquid Foundation and of course the annual Queensday Festival (nowadays Acid Orange) in Eindhoven, visited every year again by thousands of underground fanatics. In recent years, Zodiak Commune visited pop venues with their Analog Dialogue tour and started two intimate annual festivals; Tacnival and TAG: Festival. On the 19th of April they combine forces with Zinloos Geluid; a young and fresh Drum ‘n Bass and Tekno sound system from the Eindhoven area, which hits the free zone scene more and more often with their impressive wall of sound.  
LIVE: BIAM (Zodiak Commune Records)
Pulsar (Mdmacid, BE)
Kneppah (Zinloos Geluid)
Low5 (Zinloos Geluid)
Lamot (Zodiak Commune)
Rick Angel (Zodiak Commune)
Bor (Zodiak Commune)
Collision (Obs.cur)
Visuals: Lauphnoice
LOCATION: Factory 010, Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2, 3081 AE, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
DATE: Saturday the 19th of April 2014
OPENING HOURS: 23:00 – 09:00
TICKETS: Tickets are 12,50 Euro (ex. fee) and are available in presale via Tickets at the door are 15 Euro.
Or via de Zodiak Communities:

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