Zodiak Commune pops the new year with ‘Oud Op Nieuw’

26 November 2013 ,

Also this year Zodiak Commune unites the forces of the zodiac again to - just a few minutes creeping from the center of Eindhoven – noisily herald the new year with ‘Oud Op Nieuw’ in Club Fifties.

Once you have washed your last ‘oliebol’ down with champagne and conveyed the best wishes to your neighbors, Zodiak Commune opens the door of Club Fifties at 01:00am to drag you until 05.30u in two rooms into the new year. Even before you have a chance to hang your coat, you are already getting a festive reception by the haunting Erwin K. and Oncle Franque . These two welcome figures in the Eindhoven underground play their records straight from the heart and help you with the most unexpectedly enjoyable tunes dancing into the night.
Just few steps further the needles spark on vinyl again as the resident DJs Zodiak Commune bring fireworks in the form of corrosive Acid and stirring Acidtechno . If the temptation to completely loose yourself threatens to become too big here, then you can take a step back into the cafe and let yourself be carried away on the surging beats of Saint and Strobewaffle . Eventually, in the hall , there is no escape, as Jack Wax and Delucxed let things degenerate into such an impudent blast, that your good intentions for 2014 are forgotten before the night is over. 
Previous editions of Zodiak Commune´s ‘Oud Op Nieuw’ were sold out early and also this year even only 350 tickets are available. So prevent disappointment and ensure your tickets in presale. 
DATE: Tuesday December 31st 2013 / Wednesday Januari 1st 2014
Jack Wax vs. Delucxed (Flatlife Records/Zodiak Commune)
D=p+cer (Zodiak Commune)
Rick Angel (Zodiak Commune)
Erwin K. vs. Oncle Franque (NL)
Strobewaffle (NL)
Saint (Zodiak Commune)
LOCATION: Club Fifties, Lijmbeekstraat 173, 5612NC, Eindhoven
OPENING HORUS: 01.00 – 05.30
TICKETS:  Tickets are 10 Euro (ex. fee) in presale and available via www.easyticket.nl/?e=7209.
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Link : www.facebook.com/events/460181440768648