Queensday ‘08 in Eindhoven – Leading in Techno

7 April 2008 ,

Eindhoven, also known as the City of Light or… Techno City. And to what Eindhoven owes the name “Techno City” will be clear when the Eindhoven inner city turns into a pumping mass of dance lovers during Queensday again.

Also this year Queensday in Eindhoven reaches for the crown with a wide arrange of open air dance stages. And the fact that Eindhoven is “Leading in Techno” will be showing well too as, next to the wide offer of mainsteam and mixed dance stages, five alternative dance stages will rise from the Eindhoven underground too.
The harder underground styles will manifest fiercer than ever this year in the Eindhoven inner city. At the Lichtplein Zodiak Commune presents three stages. One with the corrosive Acid and Acidtechno of Zodiak Commune, another with energetic Goa and Psytrance by Metatron and a third where the crackling Tekno and Breakcore of the AA & TDK Soundsystem will be law. In the nearby parking garage ‘t Eindje, Dommelvallei will let themselves be heard again with PACT, starting with the more relaxed electronic sounds, evolving into thick and greasy Techno. When darkness falls, the Dommelvallei residents and renown artists from Spain and Portugal take over, while smoke machines and strobes change the parking garage into an industrial setting. With RUST at the Catherinaplein, Adapter offers you a place to relax with a drink and a snack, while listening to the spherical sounds of freaky Electronics, Dub, Ambiënt and even some slack Acid for a few dance steps. For the occasion Adapter even invited some musical friends from Leipzig to join their two day experiment at this square.
Below a comprehensive overview of the Lichtplein program by Zodiak Commune:
Under the motto “Rain or not rain, at Zodiak Commune it will thunder for sure”, the joined forces of the zodiac will rampage at the – by now already legendary – Lichtplein in Eindhoven. From all corners of the Netherlands, thousands of Acid freaks and Techno head will gather here again, to go all the way on biting Acid, Acidtechno and underground sounds alike. Spectacular laser shows and fire pendulum act can obviously not be failing in this setting, making Queensday Festival at the Lichtplein and overwhelming impression for both your ears and eyes.
12.00-13.00      Giovanni Rafaela (NL)
13.00-14.00      Acid Burn (NL)
14.00-15.00      Jape du Marie (Pro Techno, NL)
15.00-16.30      Dilemma (NL)  
16.30-18.00      Lamot (Zodiak Commune / Adapter, NL)
18.00-19.30      D=p+cer (Zodiak Commune, NL)
19.30-20.30      LIVE: Solid Decay (Zodiak Commune / Common Good, NL)
20.30-22.00      Rick Angel (Zodiak Commune, NL)
22.00-23.30      Bor (Zodiak Commune / U-Niks, NL)
23.30-01.00      Saint (Zodiak Commune, NL)
Also Metatron has an own stage this year at the Lichtplein again, completely devoted to the fifth dimension called Cubecahedron - or “The Cube” - which is accompanied by a good dose of energy, light, sounds, backdrops and 3D string art. The hypnotic and pulsating sounds of Goa and Psytrance take-over your consciousness completely, giving you the feeling of actually being able to travel in this fifth dimension. Of course Metatron will also arrange for a matching Chaishop, Fluor Painting, fire and dance shows and a market with quirky gadgets and much more. Come and see, hear and experience! 
12.00-14.15      Liken vs. Jemeca Explody (Metatron, NL)
14.15-15.45      Jazzmine (BMSS, DE)
15.45-17.15      LIVE: Adomas (Lithuania, LT)
17.15-18.45      Strange Attractor (Psycholution/ Metatron, NL)
18.45-20.15      LIVE: Satyr (Forest of Eleusis / Gaia, NL)
20.15-21.45      LIVE: Steven H*C (Ozmali Records / Namasté, NL)
21.45-23.15      SURPRISE ACT
23.15-00.45      Da-La (Vaporvent Records, SE)
VJ: Waxxx (Metatron, NL)
New at the Lichtplein this year is the sound system of AA (Acid Anonymous) and TDK (Telepatik DeKay). For ten years these free parties heroes are active home and abroad already, with music which can be placed in all respects in the raw corner of each box. As far as these underground fanatics can be placed in a box at all that is. Expect nothing less than raw Techno and Acid, raging Tekno and rattling Breakcore. In other words; underground versatility with a treacherous edge. Only for the true lovers of course.
12.00-13.00      Inge (TDK, NL)
13.00-15.00      Matt (TDK, NL)
15.00-19.00      Chris vs. Diex (Acid Anonymous, NL)
19.00-20.00      Sonny (Plexat, NL)
20.00-22.00      LIVE: bRz (TDK, NL)
22.00-00.00      LIVE: Rinse (Acid Anonymous, NL)
00.00-01.00      Inge (TDK, NL)
At this free festival bringing your own drinks (glass, cans en plastic bottles) is not allowed!
With connection of Eindhoven to the NS Night Network, Queensday Festival ’09 will be easily reachable:
At 23:57, 00:57, 01:57, 02:57, 03:28 and 03:57 trains will be available from Eindhoven via Den Bosch and Utrecht to Amsterdam.
At 23:32, 00:28, 01:28, 02:28, 03:28 and 03:57 rijden trains will be available from Eindhoven via Tilburg and Breda to Rotterdam.
For the latest travel information check: 0900-9292 of www.9292ov.nl
More information Zodiak Commune - Queensday Festival can be found on: www.zodiakcommune.com 
For a complete overview of PACT, RUST and all stages and activities in Eindhoven you can visit: www.oranjedegekste.nl 

Link : www.zodiakcommune.com/media_archive/102/zodiak_commune___queensday_festival_2008.html