Time-table Zodiak Commune - ‘Oud Op Nieuw’

27 December 2012 ,

With only a few day left in 2012, Zodiak Commune reveals the time-table of New Years Eve.

Starting with Rick Angel, ending with Bor and with one of the rare appearances of DJ Zodiak in between, “Oud Op Nieuw” promises to take you on a journey that starts at the unexplored boundaries of outer space and lands in the darkest and roughest caverns of the underground.

Just a few minutes crawling from the center of Eindhoven you will find the dark and atmospheric domain of Club Fifties. Here  the combined forces of the zodiac constellation take you into 2013 in a way that you can only expect from Zodiak Commune. Enter the mysterious world of Zodiak Commune, where the clock seems to race to the break of dawn and you will be musically put the heat to your feet. Expect the unexpected in an all new experimental decor, in which the resident DJs Zodiak Commune flourish at their best.

Previous editions of Zodiak Commune´s ‘Oud Op Nieuw’ were sold out early and the pre-sale of the limited available tickets so far looks prosperous. So prevent disappointment and ensure your tickets in presale.

And no matter how you celebrate the end of 2012; Have a smashing New Years Eve ahead and all the best wishes for 2013 already!

DATE: Monday December 31st, 2012 / Tuesday January 1st, 2013

00:30 - 01:30 Rick Angel (E.D.G.E./Zodiak Commune)
01:30 - 02:30 Zodiak (Zodiak Commune)
02:30 - 03:30 Saint (Zodiak Commune)
03:30 - 04:30 Delucxed (Radio Banzai/Zodiak Commune)
04:30 - 05:30 Bor (U-Niks/Zodiak Commune)

LOCATION: Club Fifties, Lijmbeekstraat 173, 5612NC, Eindhoven

DOORS OPEN: 00.30 – 05.30am

TICKETS:  Tickets are 10 Euro (ex. fee) in presale and available via www.easyticket.nl/?e=6646.

Or via the Zodiak Communities:



Link : www.facebook.com/events/529480160397235/