New website online!

16 February 2012 ,

Finally! Zodiak Commune is proud to present their completely renewed and CMS based website as developped by Digizaal Web Development.

Over the past few years, our previous website started to fall into decay due unforeseen circumstances. None of the hundreds of photos and dozens of movies and DJ sets recorded after April 2010 ever made it to the website so far. Time for a change!

While Zodiak Commune is still gathering and organizing all available recordings, photos, movies, flyers etc. over the past almost two decades, Digizaal Web Development already provided us with a brand new CMS and supported on the scripts, framework, layout, APIs, social features, databases, bits, bytes and more... The new Zodiak Commune website is finally a fact!

It will take significant more time though to upload all photos. movies and DJ set recordings from the over 18 years of our existence, and embed those via Picasa, Youtube and Soundcloud on our website. But at least the last two years now finally made it to the world wide web allready! From this point forward we will continue to digg into our renown past and put every single party as of 1993 online with all elements available.

Stay tuned to our Zodiak Communities on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Hyves to stay up-to-date about the many more website updates to come in the near future. And do you like a post on our website, please like or share it via the respective social media buttons too!

Welcome, take a look around in our new online home and please check back soon!


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