Second Acid/Techno meeting with Zodiak Commune in Den Bosch

8 March 2010 ,

A large crowd from Den Bosch was undeterred by the harsh winter that accompanied the first edition of Analog Dialogue on the 30th of January.

And although public from outside the city only sparsely dared to defy the heavy snowfall, one thing is for sure: Zodiak Commune is back with a vengeance in the provincial capital. A new breeding ground for the Acid virus, which can further spread here and root deeply in the underground. On the 27th of March Poppodium W2 therefore is for the second time the place to be for: Analog Dialogue.

Analog Dialogue is about the common roots of Zodiak Commune with other interesting Acid, Techno and Tekno sound systems, but also about the surprising differences in perspectives and influences of DJs who give their music just that different twist. For the Analog Dialogue parties inW2 Poppodium the most successful and Acid Techno parties in Den Bosch have been stripped to pull the best DJs from the Den Bosch underground. The result is a series of relaxed and fun underground parties with freaky Acid, pure and unadulterated Techno and a climax that will make the venue in this fortified city shake on its bases with fierce and obscure Tekno. And that this approach is successfull is proven by this brief compilation of the first edition:

For the second edition Jas van Ros (Klanklab/Maxximum)  of the Den Bosch organization Klanklab is on the program, as previously seen in Eindhoven during the Klanklab edition of Orkapot in Dynamo. In addition, Yz (System XL/Radio Banzai) has been asked as a delegation of Radio Banzai, also known from amongst others the illustrious System XL parties in the Boulevard. The same Radio Banzai also supports a live stream via on the 27th of March.  From the Eindhoven Acid and Techno organization Zodiak Commune Lamot (Zodiak Commune) will show again that he still dates from the era that the acid still had to become acideous and Bor (Zodiak Commune/U-Niks) will show himself from his less nuanced side, just like their fans appreciate them most.

The third edition of Analog Dialogue in W2 Poppodium is already on the calendar on the 29th of May and on the 11th of September Zodiak Commune settles down with Analog Dialogue in Popcentrum 013 in Tilburg. Sign up quickly for the mailing list  via when you want to be the first informed on both parties.

W2 Poppodium // Boschdijkstraat 100, 5211 VD Den Bosch

22.00 – 04.00

Tickets for the editions on March 27 and May 29, 2010 are 10 Euros (ex. Fee) at the door and available in presale via


Or join the Zodiak Communities: