Zodiak Commune goes Den Bosch

16 December 2009 ,

It is sparsely dotted with old-fashioned and fun Acid and Techno parties in Den Bosch, while in the southern Techno City Eindhoven just seems to be hit every week.

This will change when the Eindhoven Acid organization Zodiak Commune visits the provincial capital. A new breeding ground for the Acid virus, which can give further spread there and deeply roots in the local underground. After De Rechter in Eindhoven and 013 in Tilburg, Zodiak Commune will appear three times over the next six months in the W2 Poppodium with: Analog Dialogue.

Analog Dialogue is all about the common roots of Zodiak Commune with other interesting Acid, Techno and Tekno sound systems, but also about the surprising differences in perspectives and influences of DJs who give their music just that different twist. Therefore, successful Acid and Techno parties in Den Bosch - such as MQ Nights, Club Loud, Giant Soundsystem, Glow, Rec.Code, Deep Impact and System XL have been stripped to pull the best DJs from the Den Bosch underground. The goal; organize three relaxed and fun underground parties in Den Bosch, with both Zodiak Commune DJ's and local heroes who know how to deal with the most freaky Acid and Techno, with a smashing Tekno ending.

Therefore, in addition to the residents of Zodiak Commune, DJs like MarQ (MQ Night) will appear behind the turntables over the next six months. Until a number of years ago, he organized events like MQ Night and Club Loud by himself in locations such as the Boulevard and Club 23 in Den Bosch and he has since then been regularly spotted on the parties of Zodiak Commune, Orkapot and Klanklab. Of the Den Bosch organization Klanklab is also much expected by means of Jas van Ros (Klanklab/Maxximum) and Repulse (Klanklab/Maxximum), who previously have been seen in Eindhoven during the Klanklab edition of Orkapot in Dynamo. Rarely or never seen in Eindhoven are the three Den Bosch Techno musketeers DJ Erique (System XL/Radio Banzai), Delucxed (System XL/Radio Banzai) and Yz (System XL/Radio Banzai) of Radio Banzai. Around the turn of the century, they organized the illustrious System XL parties and festivals in the Boulevard in Den Bosch for a few years and occasionally they are hitting the decks again at locations like The Talent Factory and the Azijnfabriek. Via www.radiobanzai.nl they will support this Acid epidemic with a live stream of these three editions of Analog Dialogue. Of course Zodiak Commune will be represented in this dialogue by Dilemma (Zodiak Commune/Klanklab), Saint (Zodiak Commune), Lamot (Zodiak Commune/LXDTV), D=p+cer (Zodiak Commune), Rick Angel (Zodiak Commune) and Bor (Zodiak Commune/U-Niks).

Analog Dialogue in W2 Poppodium is part of a larger program, which stems from the intentions of W2 Poppodium in 2010 to plan a monthly dance night. The opening hours are extended to 04.00u, which is rather unique in Den Bosch. With Analog Dialogue, Zodiak Commune also makes an appeal to all Acid, Techno and Tekno talents and underground fanatics in Den Bosch and its surroundings; Build your own party, let us you hear music or let us know how you can help making Den Bosch into the second Techno City of the Netherlands via info@zodiakcommune.com.

With Erique (System XL/Radio Banzai), Dilemma (Zodiak Commune/Klanklab), Delucxed (System XL/Radio Banzai) en D=p+cer (Zodiak Commune) the line-up of the first edition on the 30th of January 2010 is announced . Do you want to be the first to know about the program of the next editions of Analog Dialogue on March 27 and May 29, 2010 in W2 Poppodium? Then sign up for the mailing list now via www.zodiakcommune.com.

W2 Poppodium // Boschdijkstraat 100, 5211 VD Den Bosch

22.00 – 04.00

Tickets for the editions on January 30, March 27 and May 29 2010 are 10 Euros (ex. Fee) at the door and available in presale via www.w2.nl


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