Queensday Festival 2010 moves to Kennedyplein

29 March 2010 ,

Even after the recent tumuluous weeks, Zodiak Commune is not going to let her loyal fans down with Queensday. The battle for the Lichtplein has unfortunately been lost...

...but with the alternative location at the Kennedyplein, the shout for Dance during Queensday has been recognized after all. And that while the mayor and aldermen’s even wanted to sharply limit the offer of Dance stages in the city. A good excuse for Zodiak Commune this year to make the very best of it during Queensday!

On February 8, 2010 the Eindhoven Acid and Techno organization had to learn from the newspapers that the event policy regarding Queensday was adjusted in such way that the annual festival at the Lichtplein had to make way for a multicultural program. By this unilateral decision the organization would loose its regular spot only ten weeks before the event, without the prospect of alternative locations. The following weeks were therefore marked by an intense media campaign and a petition which has already been signed by about 6,500 people, while also various political parties provided more and more support against this very late and very poorly communicated policy change. For a moment the dialogue with the city local authorities seemed to be opened and an ammended program for Zodiak Commune on the Lichtplein seemed to be debatable, but ultimately it was again put to a stop by objections from local residents and a noise limit that was adjusted to a meager 90dB. After much deliberations, the opportunity was finally provided to move the Queensday Festival to the Kennedyplein to move – at the bus side of the Central Station and only 500 meters away from the tunnel where Dommelvallei havocs with PACT. For Zodiak Commune this was the moment to choose for their audience, to give up the apparently futile struggle against the cancellation of the event at the Lichtplein and to start setting up an equally smashing Queensday Festival at the new Kennedyplein.

Thus this year on April 30, the Kennedyplein in Eindhoven will be the scene for Zodiak Commune’s Queensday Festival. The set-up will obviously be different than the usual Orange feasts at the Lichtplein, but the program for the Zodiak Commune stage remains intact. Besides the traditional Queensday procession of the resident Zodiak Commune DJs, this year no less than three French underground legends make their debut at the Queensday Festival. As such two live-acts of the illustrious French Epsylonn Soundsystem will be travelling off into the City of Light; Acid Up Dub (Epsylonn/DUNE Records, FR) and Drone (Epsylonn/ DUNE Records, FR). Both are known for their raw and corrosive acid releases on the wellknown and acclaimed DUNE Records and they will acquaint Eindhoven with an unmistakable example of French underground culture. From the same regions is none other than Pzylo (Acid Cirkus, FR), praised by his fans for his rugged, thundering Acidtechno tracks on his Acid Cirkus label, of which every true Acid and Techno DJ has a number of copies in his record case. Naturally, Lamot (Zodiak Commune/LXDTV), D=p+cer (Zodiak Commune), Rick Angel (Zodiak Commune), Dilemma (Zodiak Commune/Klanklab) and Saint (Zodiak Commune) cannot be missed, with Bor (Zodiak Commune/U-Niks) as an uncompromised climax. By moving the festival from the Lichtplein to the Kennedyplein, the Tekno stage of AA / TDK and the Goa stage – which would have been hosted by Namasté this year – have unfortunately been canceled, but the loyal supporters will almost certainly get anything they can desire.

With Queensday Festival 2010 Zodiak Commune goes 'back to the roots' and as such the festival  ill be dedicated for the full 303% to pure and unadulterated Acid, Techno and Acidtechno, with a portion of brutal Tekno as closure. An old-fashioned fun Queensday, where the friendly and relaxed atmosphere oozes, but not for delicate ears and sensitive souls, only for seasoned underground fanatics.

At this free festival bringing your own drinks (glass, cans en plastic bottles) is not allowed!

More information: www.zodiakcommune.com

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