Sign the petition and vote YES for Dance Music in Eindhoven!

15 February 2010 ,

Recently, the Municipality of Eindhoven announced via various newspapers that the event policy for Queenday with regards to dance will be adjusted in such way that there is considerably less space for this music genre.

Dance should preferably be limited to confined places such as the Beursgebouw and the TU/e campus. Mayor and Aldermen focus more on a family program, pop music and multi-cultural activities that should dominate the Lichtplein, De Markt and Stratumseind.

The decision was in no way communicated with the parties involved. Not only would the Zodiak Commune Queensday Dance event at the Lichtplein have to make way for a multi-cultural program, also the other dance stages in the city are not sure of their place from one day to another. A decision that is not only everything but a "thank you" from the city of Eindhoven to the organization which was - fourteen years ago in cooperation with Dynamo – the first to set-up a Queensday dance festival in Eindhoven, but also demonstrates that the commitment of hundreds of volunteers who have invested their free time, blood, sweat and tears for all those years in the creation of Zodiak Commune Queensday dance event at the Lichtplein, is not being appreciated.

Dance and Eindhoven on Queensday are nationally and internationally as closely linked as Philips with the our Dutch City of Light. In recent years Queensday in Eindhoven has grown into the largest outdoor dance event in the Netherlands with about 150 to 200,000 visitors annually, spread over about six dance stages. The approach of Queensday in Eindhoven is unique and must be maintained. That's why we desperately need your support! Sign this petition and vote YES for Dance music in Eindhoven and an open and transparent decision making. Tell a friend to all dance lovers you know who want to support this initiative.

You can find the petition at:

Besides the launch of this petition, Acid and Techno organization Zodiak Commune has objected to the plan of the municipality of Eindhoven and advocates for the party to continue this year following the normal schedule. "After that we are prepared to look for alternative possibilities for next year," the organization states, "but as it is now only unilaterally decided ten weeks before Queensday, it is impossible for us to set-up anything at an alternative location. Communication on alternative locations remains far out anyway, we are simply put with our backs against the wall."

Parallel to the petition and the appeal, signatures are currently being collected for a so-called citizens' initiative in order to open the dialogue with the council. Zodiak Commune is also looking for other victim organizations in Eindhoven, to work with them to see what is municipal or legally possible to get this one-sided and closed policy formation reversed.