Queensday Festival 2011 at Kennedyplein Eindhoven

3 April 2011 ,

This year, Queensday at the ‘Kennedyplein’ in Eindhoven will be an experience and adventure in itself once again with the Queensday Festival by Zodiak Commune.

On Saturday the 30th of April 2011 at the bus side of the Central Station, the deep-rooted Eindhoven Acid and Techno culture will be coming from the underground in the open air again like a raging train. And even the visuals, decoration and theater will blow you completely out of your shoes at the ‘Kennedyplein’ during Queensday 2011.

Zodiak Commune turns the already futuristic setting of the ‘Kennedyplein’ into a world where the Zodiak Commune DJs thrive at best; Raw and industrial, surprising and yet so old-fashioned familiar. At Zodiak Commune it is possible, because where else can you find that unforced party feeling that was shot long ago from the toes of the underground scene? As always, Queensday 2011 will be the exhaust valve for the already eighteen years of experience that the Zodiak Commune crew has in its pocket. And that is what you will hear, see and feel on every square meter of the ‘Kennedyplein’.

From 12:00 to 23:00, the forces of the zodiac will combine for eleven hours in a row into one steaming lump of energy, when the resident DJs of Zodiak Commune will one by one drive their needles sparking over the vinyl. This year too, they will have an unpredictable trip waiting for you. The program guides you through the deepest and most inaccessible corners of the musical Acid, Techno, Schranz and Tekno spectrum. A journey that seems to result in a swirling wormhole when the men of E&A Laser make their dazzling laser shows swirl over the square once again.

Also the impressive LED wall of Kunstlicht returns at the ‘Kennedyplein’. Together with Kijkbuiskinderen they will bring electrifying light shows which cannot even be matched by the sun. The visuals of both VJ collectives have graced festivals like Lowlands, Extrema Outdoor and Awakenings before. During Queensday they will open the door to an unknown dimension. When the rough “Rebels” vehicles of Close Act make their way through the crowd, you will imagine yourself being even on a different planet. From Robodock to Euro Disney and from South Africa to the Far East, they know to engulf their audience again and again in their amazing acts.

Below the whole program at a glance:

Erwin K.
Rick Angel

Theatre: Close Act // Rebels
Visuals: Kijkbuiskinderen // Kunstlicht
Laser: E&A Laser

At this free festival bringing your own drinks (glass, cans en plastic bottles) is not allowed!

More information: www.zodiakcommune.com

Or via the Zodiak Communities: