Rocking to India Festival 2011

date :Saturday 9 July 2011

location : Manage Sonniushof, Son

The third edition of the Rocking To India charity festival will take place on Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th this year: for the first time two days!

Ivo (TDC)
Twansformer (Banzai)
LIVE: Bad Karma (Common Good)
Minilab (Kne`Deep Records/Vigorous)
LIVE: Rick Angel (Zodiak Commune)
Lamot (Zodiak Commune)
Saint (Zodiak Commune)
LIVE: Sceptical C (Rewired/Naked Lunch)
D=p+cer (Zodiak Commune)
LIVE: BIAM (Zodiak Commune Records)
Bor (Zodiak Commune)
LIVE: RAF (Wirwar) 

On both days the ten-man break dance group C`mon Feet performs, while graffiti artist Dr. Dixi and the “Ongemotiveerd Kunstenaars Collectief” rampage the festival site. During the Sunday the following the stage acts appear on the stage boards: The .357 String Band (USA), Gino`s Eyeball (B) The Dirty Denims, Birth of Joy, The Jacks, Denvis & The Real Deal, The 101`s, Mr. Love and the Stallions, Harvest Moon, Time Will Tell.







DJ sets

DJ set recordings will be online soon, stay tuned!