Artists and Bookings

For bookings contact Stefan Jetten:

  • DJ D=p+cer

    DJ D=p+cer

    DJ D=p+cer (Spencer Creemers) began already with spinning records and organizing festivals in 1993, of which the real die-hards still can remember the Wei-parties and the 4-Trees-parties.  [ Read more]

  • DJ Klanklab

    DJ Klanklab

    Klanklab (Richard Bekkers) was to be found behind the decks since 1995, inspired by amongst others Plastic Man, JB3, Mononom and 4 acid eyes only parties.  [ Read more]

  • DJ Lamot

    DJ Lamot

    DJ Lamot (Eric de Graaff) is one of those guys back from the days that the Acid just had began to become sour. Already in 1989, the Acid virus grabbed him and after a year he found his favorite spot...  [ Read more]

  • DJ Rick Angel

    DJ Rick Angel

    Rick Angel (Rick Engel) began to play in 1992, inspired by the Hotmix radio show of DJ Ference. Soon, life was not imaginable anymore without Acid and Techno and he started playing his mixes at the...  [ Read more]

  • DJ Saint

    DJ Saint

    DJ Saint (Marcel Sinke) has his roots anchored in the Punk-New Wave scene from the early-80s, after which he widened his horizon in the direction of electronic music.  [ Read more]

  • DJ Zodiak

    DJ Zodiak

    In 1993 DJ Zodiak (Marc Pulles) had the wild idea following a birthday party to organize parties under the name Zodiak Commune.   [ Read more]

  • Strobewaffle


    More info soon  [ Read more]