DJ Zodiak

In 1993 DJ Zodiak (Marc Pulles) had the wild idea following a birthday party to organize parties under the name Zodiak Commune.

But who could had ever imagined that Zodiak Commune would become a household name in the underground circuit in no time and that this status would still stand strong over eighteen years later? As founder of Zodiak Commune and host of Kortsluiting in de Effenaar in Eindhoven, Zodiak is held jointly responsible for the second generation of Acid and Electro parties in the Netherlands, from the underground oriented Acid Rain parties in squats to the more club oriented Acid Virus, and last but not least the legendary Liquid Foundation parties at the Kolpinghuis in Nijmegen. DJ Zodiak still brings the Acid and Electro that has the warmth to conquer the human heart at the first bleep, looking back on the feeling with which many people started and where today`s generations now end up with; pure and timeless and therefore never dated. Zodiak Commune is now being supported by a foundation, but DJ Zodiak is still the owner of the label. He runs Zodiak Commune Records like his turntables; Directly from the heart and that is how you will experience it.



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