DJ Delucxed

DJ Delucxed (Luc Cuppen) is the youngest resident of Zodiak Commune. In late 1997 he began experimenting with two turntables and a large pile of Techno and Drum & Bass vinyl, only a year later he made his debut at Radio Banzai in Den Bosch.

Soon there was no way back for Delucxed and his radio show expanded to be an evening program for both the Friday and Sunday. The underground scene became his second home and thus he joined the Drum & Bass sound system Giant that same year. After a number of unforgettable parties with the Giant sound system in 1999, they decided to join forces with two other sound systems in order to form System XL. A number of turbulent years with many great parties and festivals went by and when System XL ended, Delucxed devoted his energy to Radio Banzai again. When he applied as a volunteer at Zodiak Commune in 2009, he was soon not to be kicked from behind the decks anymore. His years of experience, many Techno and Drum & Bass performances and his passion for music delivered him honorable position as a resident DJ at Zodiak Commune already in 2010. His program In Tha Mixx on Radio Banzai is also still on, so tune in every Friday from 19.00 to 01.00 at