DJ D=p+cer

DJ D=p+cer (Spencer Creemers) began already with spinning records and organizing festivals in 1993, of which the real die-hards still can remember the Wei-parties and the 4-Trees-parties.

In 1999 D=p+cer was one of the founders of Underground Invasion, with which he managed to make a good Techno party wherever one could put some turntables. When D=p+cer became a resident-DJ at Zodiak Commune in 2003, he was infected by the Acid virus and today he even leads the production of the Zodiak Commune parties. In 2007 and 2008 he was also one of the hosts of Orkapot, which resulted in three Orkapot editions in style of the former Underground Invasion parties. Besides Acid and Techno D=p+cer is also not afraid of a steaming Electro set or a good game of Tekno, which is more than enough variation to be a surprise behind the decks at Ground Zero, Dynamo Outdoor, Pinksterparty and Edit Festival. At Ell Niño Festival, in the post-program of the Utrecht formation C-mon & Kypski and in both the pre- and post-program of DJs Wipneus & Pim though, he even surprised the visitors with a rocking set of distorted guitars and throbbing Big Beats. 



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