DJ Rick Angel

Rick Angel (Rick Engel) began to play in 1992, inspired by the Hotmix radio show of DJ Ference. Soon, life was not imaginable anymore without Acid and Techno and he started playing his mixes at the local youth center and on his own birthdays.

In 1995 this is where he came into contact with DJ Zodiak, the founder of Zodiak Commune, who invited him to perform at one of the parties in the Eindhoven Pillenfabriek. Since then Zodiak Commune did not let Rick Angel leave and so he was part of legendary parties such as Acid Rain and Liquid Foundation. In 2000, Rick Angel began his own series of TechNoNonsense evenings in the (old) Effenaar, a cycle of 5 years including other heroes like Jeff Mills, Mike Dearborn and Johannes Heil. After that he even hosted about three editions of Orkapot in Dynamo and meanwhile he can add performances for Switch Music and at Awakenings, Treats Open Air, Mystery Land (`96) and Ground Zero to his portfolio. Rick Angel plays ranging from subtle Acid and Techno to the more uplifting and pumping tracks, but he always keeps the atmosphere in the first place. Similar applies to his own productions, in which he recently found a new challenge. In addition, he forms the new DJ duo E.D.G.E. with DJ Zix of Dommelvallei since 2011.